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Back to Basics

What is “Back to Basics”?

“Back to Basics” is a series of coaching programs that empowers people to develop and maintain an active lifestyle by taking a fundamental approach to fitness. 


What is Coaching?

The Coach-Client relationship offers a deeper level of support, guidance, and encouragement to making changes without pressure or judgment

My mission is to understand your vision, needs, values, and goals. I will provide proper instruction to help you create a plan of action and help lead the way


  What is a fit lifestyle?

A fit lifestyle includes a level of regular physical activity sufficient for:

  • Increasing physical, mental, and emotional energy

  • Maintaining weight and stress

  • Preventing or treating health risks and medical conditions

  • Improving self-image and self-esteem


Is Coaching for Me?

Hiring a fitness coach is not for everyone. It’s a personal commitment that requires time and effort. Having a coach is most effective when someone has decided to fully commit to making lifestyle changes. If you’re looking for a way to get fit fast this program isn’t for you. Results are a direct reflection of the time and effort you choose to put in. I am simply here to guide you and hold you accountable.

10 Reasons to Invest in a Coach

  1. You’re not seeing results

  2. You don’t know where to get started

  3. You’re getting bored with your workouts

  4. You need to be challenged

  5. You want to learn how to exercise

6.    You need accountability and motivation

7.    You have a specific injury or illness

8.    You're preparing for a special event

9.    For supervision, company, and support

10.  To save years of trial and error



Trust the process. Getting started is the hardest part. It's only a matter of time.



No pressure. No distractions.

No judgement. It's You vs You.



Improve your flexibility, endurance, 

strength, and body composition.



Develop the knowledge, skills,

and habits to stay on top of your goals.



Build the confidence, patience,

and self-discipline to keep going.



Consistency is key. Get the support and accountability you need to stay on track.


Gil, E-Commerce

I am extremely pleased with my experience at SCM Training Club and the extreme dedication and attention that Coach Nate provides me

while I'm at his studio.


The one-on-one experience has helped me grow and maximize my potential towards my goal. He and I collaborate at every step of my journey.


Coach Nate is there for you and as long as you put in 100% of your effort into the program, you'll most definitely meet your goal with him. I highly recommend  Coach Nate.


Natalie Castro, Blogger

I had bad anxiety, wasn't feeling too well, and lacked motivation to exercise. I decided it was time to find a personal trainer.


I heard about Nate from a friend and called him the same day to set up a free consultation. I ended up training with him for 8 months. He was so positive and motivating. We are still connected with online coaching to this day.


Coach Nate is very supportive, encouraging, and truly cares about each client. He starts as your  Coach and ends up your friend!  :)


Jonathan Diep, Media Marketing

I came in here with some hesitation considering I don't normally work out but Coach Nate took the time to make sure I was not only comfortable but well informed about what we would be doing.

His studio also has a laid-back feel to it which was something I was looking for! When I go to a larger gym, it's easy to feel inadequate because everyone seems to know exactly what they're doing.


SCM Training Club offered something different and changed my perception of the gym. I would definitely recommend Coach Nate to my friends and family! Please check him out!

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