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Balance, growth, and self-development through fitness, one day at a time.


Choose a program that best suits your goals, budget, and lifestyle. 

3, 6, and 12 month memberships are available.

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SCM Training Club

Lose fat. Build muscle. Get strong.

If you're serious about changing your life and seeing results, this program is for you. 

 Save 10% or more with a 3-6 month membership. 

Callus Club

Join the official strength club of SCM.

You grow with us. We hold you accountable. 

You are your only competition.

Save 15% or more with a 12-month membership.


Training Packages

Not ready to commit? Go month to month and choose from a variety of training packages. 30 and 60 minutes sessions are available.

Single Sessions

Still skeptical? Come in for a single session or pay as you go. A lot can be done in 60 minutes. Schedule your next workout below.


Schedule a

free consultation

Come in for an in-depth consultation to determine the best option for your fitness goals.

Schedule a free 

video consultation

Don't have time to come in? Schedule a free online consultation to learn more.

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